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Murder in the Village
July 06, 2021Comments.. 491
Free Read Murder in the Village - by Faith Martin Faith Martin Free Read Murder in the Village - by Faith Martin - Murder in the Village, Murder in the Village Author s note This is a revised edition of a book first published as By a Narrow Majority A would be politician is found battered to death in the kitchen of his expensive home in a lovely Oxfordshire. Free Read Murder in the Village - by Faith Martin - Murder in the Village, Murder in the Village Author s note This is a revised edition of a book first published as By a Narrow Majority A would be politician is found battered to death in the kitchen of his expensive home in a lovely Oxfordshire
  • Title: Murder in the Village
  • Author: Faith Martin
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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  • Free Read Murder in the Village - by Faith Martin
    171Faith Martin
Murder in the Village

491 Blog on “Murder in the Village

  1. Linda Strongsays:

    DI Greene and her team are back and involved in two almost unsolvable cases.A man running for a political office is found dead in his home with his head battered No witnesses no DNA no clues The wife has a solid alibi she was playing cards with several friends There is no lack of suspects, though and Greene s team is going to have to sift and sort through a lot of lies and secrets.And then there s the death of a major drug dealer, one that the law has been after for a long time and never had eno [...]

  2. Cheryl Earlesays:

    I received a review copy of this novel directly from the author and publisher Joffe Books I have voluntarily chosen to review the book, and the gifting in no way determines my review rating, which reflects my honest opinion.The fourth in the DI Hillary Greene series, Murder In The Village has everything and in it Three major criminal investigations fight for Hillary s attention but only one with her as SIO The murder of a local, campaigning to get into government, supplies Hillary and her Team [...]

  3. Books n AllJill Burkinshawsays:

    This is book 4 in the Hillary Greene series The books will work very well as stand alone but a better reading experience will be accomplished by reading them in sequence.Hillary is a dedicated DI and is still dealing with the fallout from a bad marriage to a bent copper who died leaving Hillary with his mess to clear up She is living on a Narrow Boat on the Oxford Canal while working her way through the fall out from Ronnie s death She survived investigation by the IPC and is fighting off a cour [...]

  4. Misfits farmsays:

    The body of a man is found in his kitchen under suspicious circumstances Meanwhile rumour has it that one of the local thieves has got his hands on than his usual set of tools of the trade Somehow there is a mole in the camp so things have to be kept underwraps DI Greene is a very likeable character that you take to easily Her team are a mixed bunch from Janine who is having a relationship with the Hillary superior to Frank who can t really be relied on but has a good set of nouses to keep him [...]

  5. Hannelore Cheneysays:

    Great series, love it Thank you Netgalley and Joffe Books for the eARC and the chance to enjoy this terrific series The book can be read as a standalone, but I suggest reading the series from the beginning, so you get DI Hillary Greene s back story and hopefully like her as much as I do.This particular story gets her shot, but she can t but stopped Determined as always to crack the case, staying on her longboat to recuperate is not on her agenda She sneakily investigates and interviews and in th [...]

  6. Jo Annsays:

    You know when you re reading a series and you get to that point where you feel like you re part of the team or the family albiet as a fly on the wall and can anticipate how a character is going to react Well, this is the book that has me feeling that way While DI Hillary Greene is the main protagonist, the supporting cast is just as important, and well developed, which really adds to the depth of the story I love how each book solves a specific crime or two while the overarching storyline of Hil [...]

  7. Donna Maguiresays:

    donnasbookblog.wordpress I really enjoyed this book, this is certainly a series I am thoroughly enjoying and was delighted to find out that hot on the heels of this book, the next one is due out very soon The plot was great in this book as normal and I loved the character development in this book and Hillary is an excellent character with a lot of baggage The book has plenty of twists and turns, a great pace for the plot and it is a gripping story 5stars from me for this one and looking forward [...]

  8. Amandasays:

    I recently had the delight of reading and reviewing Murder Of The Bride by Faith Martin, which is the previous book in the series featuring DI Hilary Greene, and I absolutely loved it So you can imagine my excitement when I was asked if I would like to read and review Murder In The Village Of course I said yes and oh wowzers I absolutely loved it In fact I think that this series just gets better and better with each book that is released, but about that in a bit.DI Hillary Greene is a woman of [...]

  9. Elaine Tomassosays:

    I would like to thank Netgalley and Joffe Books for a review copy of Murder in the Village, the fourth novel to feature DI Hillary Greene of Thames Valley Police.Hillary is pleased to be appointed Senior Investigating Officer in the murder of aspiring politician, Malcolm Dale, found bludgeoned to death in his kitchen but with few clues and several suspects her team will have to work hard to find the killer She grudges, therefore, having to spend time on newly appointed Superintendent Raleigh s l [...]

  10. Joycesays:

    5 starsDI Hillary Greene gets a case involving a minor politician who has been murdered The man s name is Malcolm Dale and he was battered to death with a blunt object He lived in an affluent section of Oxfordshire The body was discovered by his secretary His wife is not at home at the time of the murder.At the same time, her new boss boss Superintendent Jerome Raleigh has his sights set on capturing one of Oxfordshire s major crime bosses, Fletcher He will go to almost any lengths to catch him [...]

  11. Joanna Larumsays:

    Book 4 of DI Hillary Greene series but it is perfectly possible to read it as a stand alone A would be Tory politician is found dead at his home, murdered while his wife is at a bridge party She becomes the first suspect, but others crop up as the story unfolds.Hillary Greene leads the team who are investigating his death and we are taken along for the ride, learning about each suspect and also about the members of Hillary s team There are so many twists and unexpected events that I was turning [...]

  12. Sheila Howessays:

    Thanks to Jill Burkinshaw for the free copy in exchange for an honest review In this book, Hillary s main case is a would be politician, who is found battered to death on his kitchen floor No one has a straight forward alibi, but no one seems to have a serious motive for murder Just as she starts making headway, another case that she s involved with has a fatal development, and everything grinds to a halt.Can Hillary solve two cases at once This is the fourth in the DI Hillary Greene series, but [...]

  13. Nerys Robertssays:

    A local businessman who s hoping to become the next local MP is found murdered in his kitchen and DI Hillary Greene and her team are on the case There s no olive apparent and nobody in the small village saw anything out of the ordinary Hillary is also involved in a raid on the force s nemesis drug dealer Lee Fletcher intelligence says he s expecting a large drug delivery and is going to be there in person when it arrives Superintendent Raleigh seems keen to enter Fletcher s premises as soon as h [...]

  14. Marionsays:

    This is the fourth book in the DI Hillary Greene series, it could be read as a standalone though I d definately recommend reading them in order as then you can keep up with the personal stories of Hillary and her team which run in the background.In this offering we have the investigation into the murder of the local political candidate, which throws up plenty of suspects and the killing of a local drug dealer, Lee Fletcher, who in the past has always managed to evade prosecution.Lee was the subj [...]

  15. Nancysays:

    DI Hillary Greene is called out to a murder of a local candidate for office Hard to see who could be responsible Her team is working every angle but coming up with nothing In the mean time Hillary is called out to a raid on a drug dealer Those armed are to go in first and then when clear the unarmed go The team leader has decided to go before the coast is clear Out comes an armed suspect and Hillary is shot in the hip The she thinks about it as she is recovering the she wonders why they went s [...]

  16. Carolesays:

    MURDER IN THE VILLAGE is the fourth in a series and I hope we ll get to read the rest of them The book starts with a murder of a politician and despite doing their best they are not doing very well with solving it Then, along comes another case which throws a spanner in the works, and a snifter of corruption The story focuses on the second event, and moves along at a cracking pace, with Hillary at the forefront She really is a likeable character with her razor sharp mind She solves both cases an [...]

  17. Kerry Hendersonsays:

    Having not read the first books I wasn t sure how easy this would be to follow but this was given to me in exchange for a review so I gave it a chance The story was east to follow and gave enough information that I didn t need to read the earlier ones I am now planning on it This was an interesting read with some good characters It s not often the main character is injured so early on but it added an interesting twist to the story I think the main murder did get a little bit lost in the book as [...]

  18. Sherisays:

    spoilers I m totally addicted to this series The Books keep getting better and better I love Hillary Greene and this particular book proves that she s not infallible Shot in the libe of duty and forced to take some time off, she makes a point of doing some digging on a cold case involving her new DCI What she finds surprises her and she is forced by her self conscience to give the file too Her boss superior The problem is keeping the poison cherub, Frank Ross, and herself out of the political li [...]

  19. Andrewsays:

    Although this is the fourth book in a series, I was keen to read it because of the Oxfordshire locations It was first published in 2006 under the title By a Narrow Majority.I soon found that I liked the writing style and the characters in this novel The descriptions of the people and locations help to add a sense of reality The story develops at a fast pace and has some clever twists This is the first book by Faith Martin which I have read.When I have posted this review I intend to start reading [...]

  20. Pgchuissays:

    This one was a disappointment the murder case Hillary is involved in is uninteresting, the focus shifts away from it for large chunks of the novel, and its resolution underwhelming More of the emphasis of the novel is on a raid and a corrupt senior officer, which was marginally interesting, but ends abruptly and left me with lots of questions view spoiler how did Jerome know the significance of the Dick Francis novel Previous instalments have harped on about how Hillary also knows the password [...]

  21. Rosesays:

    Blimey I absolutely love British whodunnit It s a genre all to itself It s not as graphic as most American authors but the reasoning processes behind the investigation are explained in detail I like following that thought process The language takes a bit of getting used to but that s also part of the charm I love that this is a series so there gets to be some character development over the course of the series I also like the main character, DI Greene.

  22. Connie Bickfordsays:

    Excellent continuation of the seriesDO Hillary Greene is back in the next book in the series by Faith Martin Again Martin delivers an excellent mystery and police procedural It is full of twists and turns and an unexpected and perfect ending The characters are quirky but real and the mystery is one that keeps a reader s attention I think this series is a must read and I assign the next book with anticipation

  23. Mariesays:

    Excellent read as always Love this series The characters are well written, there is a story within a story, this American is absolutely hooked on Hillary and company While the books can be read as stand alones, I would highly recommend that you start at the beginning of this series and work your way through You re really short changing yourself if you don t That said, I m off to the next adventure

  24. Susansays:

    DI Hillary Greene is called to investigate the death of a local politcal candidate, but the case to catch the main drug dealer in the area intervenes with far ranging results.An interesting mystery, characters that are developing through out the series makes an enjoyable read Easily read as a stand alone novel.Received an Advanced Reader Copy.

  25. Judysays:

    This is the first book that I have read by Faith Martin and it is the fourth in the DI Hillary Green series I think that I am going to find the first three books and read them in order I m sure that there were relationships that I didn t fully understand by coming in at the fourth book However, having said that, I enjoyed this book very much.

  26. barbara jonessays:

    Another fantastic tale that keeps you wanting to turn the pages quickly.Hilary just cannot believe what is happening in her life Things seemed so good, then things went dreadfully wrong She needs all her friends now to help her in this dreadful time.

  27. michael fryesays:

    murder in the villageThis book seemed to take a while for me to read The story just didn t grab my interest I just admit that I didn t guess who done it since I started the series with 4, I might start with 1.

  28. Shirley Alvarezsays:

    MURDER IN THE VILLAGEThis is best one yet Couldn t put it down Got so into story forgot to fix dinner So leftovers This is such a good series I don t want it to end So much suspense

  29. edward ennissays:

    A good read.Very convoluted, quite logical but why not get rid of the book First thing I would have done and I m not a copper The rest rolled along quite nicely thank you A good ending can t wait for the next one Thanks.

  30. Greta Hallidaysays:

    This series just gets better and better Excellently written, this latest book goes at a fast pace, keeping you engrossed until the end Love Hillary Green, cannot wait for the next episode although all the books can be read as stand alone A huge 5 from me.

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